HL Precision Manufacturing, Inc.

The industry leader of high-quality, precision CNC Machining, Sheet Metal, Certified Welding, Advanced Assembly and Finishing of parts, weldments and assemblies to companies all over the world. ISO 9001:2008 & ITAR certified.
We Flatten Learning Curves.

HL Precision Manufacturing, Inc.

The industry leader of high-quality, precision CNC Machining, Sheet Metal/Fab, Certified Welding, Advanced Assembly and Finishing of parts, weldments and assemblies to companies all over the world. ISO 9001:2008 & ITAR certified.
We Flatten Learning Curves.

When Pushing the Frontiers of Manufacturing Excellence,

It Helps to Have a Partner Who Shares Your Vision and Ambition.

Who We Are: The HL Difference

We are Focused on Nurturing Our People and Purpose-Driven Work for Our Customers. The people who make HL Precision a success, seek to make an impact beyond the walls of our facilities.

For over 30 years, HL Precision Manufacturing, Inc. has invested in our people, resources and technology to become a leader in the advanced Manufacturing industry.

Utilizing the latest in CNC machining (milling, turning, swiss), sheet metal fabrication, certified welding, advanced assembly, powder coating/wet painting and inspection technology, HL Precision has built a reputation for excellence.

The deeply-rooted vision of our leadership team unites our goal to not only provide precision solutions for your every need, excellent customer service and employment, but to continually earn the loyalty and trust of our customers through our integrity and competitive pricing.

We strive daily to bring meaning and purpose to the work of our team by developing a culture based upon the tenets of our vision: Precision work, the best People, working for a Purpose.

Our Vision: The deeply-rooted vision of our leadership team unites our goal to be a leading provider of close tolerance precision parts, components, weldments and assemblies, achieving the highest quality product and customer service, and employing highly skilled customer-centric employees. 

Our Mission: HL Precision Manufacturing, Inc. will invest in the best people, processes and technology in order to achieve the highest customer satisfaction, an acceptable return on investment, and opportunities and security for its employees.

Our state-of-the-art facilities:
• 85,000 sq ft combined space
• Fully Climate Controlled
• Located within 1-3 miles of 3 interstate highways; I-74, 72, & 57
• Approximately 2 hours from Chicago, Indianapolis & St. Louis

See How Our Culture Shines Through Our Walls…

Exceptional People, Compelling Solutions

Precision CNC Machining

Our largest department, Precision Machining, includes 3 to full 5-axis Milling, Turning, Turn/Mill, Swiss and EDM machines. We take pride in our state-of-the-art technology and our expertise in tight-tolerance machining.

Sheet Metal/Fabrication

Our second facility is home to our large sheet metal/fabrication division. We have an extensive list of machines including Shear(s), CNC Turret Punches with Forming Tools, CNC Press Brakes and PEM Inserters.

Certified Welding

Our Welders are certified to the AWS standards in MIG, TIG and Spot Welding. Through our LEAN practices, we are able to “flex” employees to and from the welding department, based on the needs of our Customers.

Advanced Assembly

Our diverse capabilities in our assembly department allow us to excel in being one company, with multiple solutions for our customers. We are proud to offer our extensive experience with Simulator Structure Assemblies, Advanced Weldment Assemblies, Close Tolerance Working Frames, Cell Sorting Device Assembly, Turnstile/Lens Assembly and more.

Finishing Solutions

We offer our customers a diverse group of finishing solutions, including Powder Coating, Wet Painting, Passivation, Chromate Conversion Lines (RoHS Compliant) and Vibratory Bowl Finishers. We also have a stringent requirement process for our vendors. Any capabilities we do not have, we have an approved supplier who can handle it.

Quality Control

We put our attention to detail at the forefront of our business. Our cutting-edge inspection technology, which includes 3D Scanning Romer and Fully Automated CMM, paired with our highly experienced Quality personnel, ensures that your parts will be fully inspected with the right people and the right equipment before leaving our facilities.

Keeping Your Programs Secure.

Cyber security attacks for the aerospace and defense industries continue to increase in frequency and sophistication.

The Department of Defense recently issued new contract clause – DFARS 252.204–7012, in an effort to safeguard covered defense information and cyber incident reporting.

The DoD, its’ contractors and subcontractors must provide adequate security to safeguard DoD controlled technical information resident on or transiting through their unclassified information systems.


HL Precision has been selected to partner with the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) to develop an understanding of costs, capabilities, and effectiveness of DoD-required cyber security measures for manufacturing operations.

Network infrastructure will be analyzed by DoD project contractor and generate suggested changes if any, to achieve compliance with requirements. HL is proud to have the opportunity to positively impact the manufacturing competitiveness and security of the United States Government.

We Flatten Learning Curves.

Military; Aerospace, Naval, Land

Medical Instruments

Agriculture & Energy

Electronic Retail

Bottling & Capping

Scientific Instruments

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The People Behind Your Product

Sales Engineering & Customer Service

How has our business grown successfully over the past 30 years? Relationships. Our Company has grown solely by word-of-mouth references, which is testament to not only the quality of our work, but the people who directly support and communicate with our Customers. With over 50 years of industry expertise, our Sales Engineers and Customer Service Staff make the relationships with our Customers a truly exceptional experience.

These are the People behind your PO’s.

Production Personnel

Our people take pride in the work they do for you. We have an average tenure of roughly 20 years and that is due to the culture of our Company and the impressive work we do. Our Machinists, Welders, Assemblers, Finishers and production staff are the best in the industry. They are well-trained, cross-trained in multiple departments and have many years of experience doing the work that we do at HL.

These are the People behind your Parts.

Technical Team

Our Technical/Programming personnel are key to our success. With over 80 years of industry experience, these are the people who can assist you with any technical questions or complications. We are consistently looking for opportunities to cut cost for our Customers and providing suggestions for improvement. We view these experts as value-add to our Customers.

These are the People behind the Program.

Quality Department

There is a reason “Precision” is in our name. The work we do requires unique personnel, state-of-the-art equipment, technical expertise and a Quality team that does not let anything less than Precision leave our facility. Our Director of Quality and team of inspectors are not just focused on working for HL – they work for you. Our Quality team conducts First-Article Inspections, calibration logs, corrective/preventative actions and comply with all ISO 9001:2008 requirements.

These are the People behind Precision.

The Highest Standards. The Happiest Customers.

Our company is consistently pleased to continue our relationship with HL Precision Manufacturing. We have the utmost confidence in your ability to deliver a quality product on schedule.  Your willingness to work with us to provide competitive prices, is key to our ability to be also be competitive in a very aggressive business environment.  We have worked with HL Precision for over 7 years and we are always impressed with HL’s customer service representatives and high quality of product. We look forward to a very bright future with HL and our company.

Military/Defense Industry

We have worked with HL for many years on a wide variety of projects. Our company thanks HL for being an excellent supplier of the highest quality of products, but more than that, HL has people with good hearts. HL Precision Manufacturing has built a terrific company with great dedicated employees. My company and I look forward to continuing our relationship with HL for our manufacturing needs.

Automated Retail Industry

HL Precision Manufacturing has been my primary machined parts vendor for 14 years. The quality and delivery time, along with pricing are outstanding. I buy in smaller quantities, and continually receive prompt, high quality products. I have been treated very well by all the people I have dealt with at HL. The employees and ethical business practices that HL provides their customers with, is a great combination of professional and easy going.

Engineering Technician, Industrial Instruments Industry

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