Grow with us; experience the difference.

Our people work for a purpose.

At HL Precision Manufacturing, Inc., we pride ourselves on our strong values of honesty, responsibility and integrity.

Our employees are the most important part of our journey to success. We believe that HL’s 30+ years of success is directly related to the positive culture and high-performance standards that drive our high level of customer satisfaction.

Our path to growth is paved by investing in our people. The strategy is simple: Precision work, manufactured by the best people, working for a true purpose.

We continually strive to provide unbeatable opportunities where you can develop and exceed your greatest expectations while building your career in our challenging yet rewarding environment.


Our CEO & President Steve Hillard often says, “Culture flows from the top,” and in our case, that has been a very good thing.

A strong, positive and rewarding culture is a commitment our senior leaders make a top priority. We offer many exciting and challenging careers and our employees enjoy competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits. HL Precision supports professional development and work-life balance, resulting in the retention of highly-skilled employees.

HL  is where relationships are nurtured, where we require the best possible solutions for our valued customers and where Lean Manufacturing is embraced and rewarded.

If you are interested in exploring career opportunities at HL, contact us today.

HL provides our employees with:

  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • Excellent group health and benefits packages: medical/dental coverage, life insurance, short-term disability and voluntary 401k plan.
  • Open, clean environment with high ceilings and space to work comfortably
  • Exceptional air quality for a healthy work environment
  • Air conditioning/heating throughout the entire building
  • Large and comfortable break room with flat-screen TV
  • Diverse and exciting projects in industries such as energy, defense, food and beverage, plastics and medical
  • Experienced leaders/mentors

What We Have to Offer:
At HL, you will experience a culture, environment, customer diversity and facility, unlike most manufacturing businesses. Our employees possess a high-level of excellence in manufacturing solutions and a consistent loyalty to HL due to their work environment.

Our machining, welding, assembly, quality inspection and sales engineering facility is conveniently
located on Round Barn Road in Champaign, Illinois, offering a clean, comfortable and air-conditioned workspace with
exceptional air quality. Our sheet metal fabrication and powder coating facility is located at 302 W. Division St. in
Fisher, Illinois, just 20 miles North of our Champaign facility.

With over 30 years of experience, HL is a proven leader in the manufacturing industry. Our diverse customer base provides our employees with opportunities to work on different projects each day, utilizing state of the art equipment and technology. We encourage an atmosphere of openness with employees and provide a direct line of communication with their supervisors and managers.

What Makes HL Different Than the Rest:
HL is not just a place to work, it is a place where we want you to feel at home. We have made it our priority to provide our employees with what they need, not only to enjoy their job, but to also to be extraordinary machinists.

  • Required:
    • High school diploma or equivalent.
    • Mechanical Aptitude.
    • Print reading.
    • Willingness to learn.
    • Attention to detail.
    • Team Oriented.

  • Desired:
    • College-level courses in machining-related field (i.e. Industrial Tech).
    • Experience with precise machining tasks.
    • CNC Machining experience (vertical, horizontal, and/or turning equipment).
    • Previous work with precision sheet metal. Experience in editing programs.
    • Experience with reading and analyzing blueprints.
    • Knowledge of Tooling.

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mail to 2110 Round Barn Road, Champaign, IL 61821

We look forward to getting to know you!

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