With no filters or consumables, the Original Skimerator® skims contaminating “tramp” oils and aerates coolant so your machine can perform at peak efficiency while extending coolant life – saving you time and money!


Tramp Oil & Bacteria Growth

  • Skims contaminating tramp oils from coolant surface so your machines can perform at peak efficiency.
  • 2-Stage Aeration action reduces bacteria growth and rancidity for a healthier smell.
  • Extends coolant life by >50%, reducing cost and environmental impact.

Translucent Tank

  • The translucent tank with easy to read measuring lines, further inhibits bacteria growth and allows for skimmed oil level monitoring.
  • Save money, skim tramp oil, eco-friendly!
  • Available in Shallow or Deep Draft Models (3200 or 3200D)


  • Models 3200AP available for Low Temperature operation and 3717F available for High Temperature operation in parts washing/cleaning systems.
  • Floating Head (6682) and Portable Systems (5040) also available.

Global Leader

Over 1,000 customers are Skimerator owners, including names like Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Caterpillar, Cummins, General Electric, Motorola, Ford and Toyota, as well as hundreds of other smaller operations throughout North America. Please visit our webpage for further information, as well as diagrams that shows how our Skimerator works. If you have any questions, please give us a call. We have knowledgeable maintenance and customer service personnel ready to assist in your installation and maintenance of the Skimerator.

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