CNC Machining

Continuous improvement, continuous investment.

Precision CNC Machining

Our precision milling centers use dual spindle rotary indexers, performing multiple operations in a single setup. With 360 degrees of axis rotation, 240 degrees of tilt, and up to 5th axis programming, our milling machines can reach the difficult angles for the most complex jobs. 

CNC Mill machines


DNM 350 5-Axis, 40 Taper
23" X 25" X 20"


Full 4-Axis, Vertical Mills
(3) 30" X 16" X 20"
(5) 40" X 20" X 25"
(2) 50" X 20" X 25"
(1) 64" X 32" X 30"


CAT 50 Taper, Full 4th Axis, Touch-Off Probe
64" X 32" X 30"


Large Gantry Mill


Horizontal Milling Centers with Dual Pallet Changers
630MM, 50 Taper
400MM, 40 Taper

CNC Turn & Turn/Mill

Our state-of-the-art CNC lathes utilize live tooling, which helps cut down on secondary operations.

Our Turn/Mill Machines give us the ability to eliminate multiple machine set-ups and produce complex geometry parts in fewer machining operations. This greatly improves accuracy, increases throughput, drives down costs and increases the overall value to our customers. 

Our Turn and Turn/Mill Machines and machine from 1/16″ to 13.5″ in diameter with up to 4th and 5th axis programming. In addition, our conventional turning can machine from 1/64″ to 24″ in diameter. 

CNC Turn Machines


Multi-Axis Turn-Mills with Live Tooling


Multi-Axis Twin Spindle/Twin Turret
with Live Tooling and LNS Bar Feeders


Conventional Turning Centers

Swiss Machining & Wire EDM

Our finely tuned Swiss Screw Machines provide precision machined componets that range from 1/64″ to 13/16″ and 1/32″ to 2 3/8″ in diameter respectively, with tolerances as precise as .001″ in some cases. We can machine a diverse set of materials using this equipment, including some that cannot be machined through conventional means or turning/milling operations. 

On the other hand, our wire EDM machine enables us to cut intricate contours or cavities with high finish requirements in hardened material, whereas a custom machine tool may be too fragile. 

swiss/wire edm Machines


Multi-Axis Swiss Machines with Live Tooling
1/16" to 1.25" capabilities


Mitsubishi Wire EDM Machine

New Programs?
No Problem.

Our Engineering Department uses AutoDesk for our programming needs. With our powerful 3D simulation, we can visualize of the entire manufacturing process to avoid costly errors, time delays and collisions and decrease set-up times. 

Engineering programs


Full CAM Seats, Feature CAM/PartMaker,
Full 5-Axis with 3D modeling

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