People working
for a purpose.

Investing in our people and our community.

We are focused on nurturing our people and purpose-driven work for our customers. The people who make HL a success seek to make an impact beyond the walls of the facilities. 

At HL, we pride ourselves on our strong values of honesty, responsibility and integrity. 

Our employees are the most important part of our journey to success. We believe that HL’s 30+ years of success is directly related to the positive culture and high-performance standards that drive our high level of customer satisfaction. 

Apply today!

We are currently seeking CNC machine operators to work our night-shift which operates from 4:15 p.m. to 2:15 a.m.

Please click the button below to be directed to our online application. Once at the online application, download the pdf in the upper right corner of the webpage. Fill out the online application, and once it is complete, please email the application to or mail it to 2110 Round Barn Road, Champaign, IL 61821. 

Our culture

Our path to growth is paved by investing in our people. We continually strive to provide unbeatable opportunities where you can develop and exceed your expectations, while building your career in our challenging yet rewarding environment. 

Our CEO/President Steve Hillard often says, “Culture flows from the top.” A strong positive culture is a commitment our senior leaders make top priority. We offer many exciting and challenging careers, and our employees enjoy competitive salaries and comprehensive training and benefits. HL supports professional development and work-life balance, resulting in the retention of highly-skilled employees. 

Here at HL, we are continuously improving. A great deal of our improvements come  from our employees’ Lean Manufacturing ideas. Lean Manufacturing is where employees suggest ideas each quarter that will improve manufacturing waste within the company. Then at the end of each quarter, a rotating selection committee of employees’ peers chaired by a Lean Champion will select a Gold, Silver and Bronze winner. These winners will then serve on the selection committee for the following quarter. Thus far, there has been 84 winners through Q2 2018. 

HL is where relationships are nurtured, where we required the best possible solutions for our valued customers.

work/life balance

In its ongoing efforts to create a great culture and care for its employees, HL has partnered with Marketplace Chaplains

Through this partnership, HL offers an option to its employees for personalized and proactive care through a dedicated, consistent and reliable chaplain who makes weekly visits to the Company’s facilities and is available 24/7/365. These highly confidential interactions have developed relationships of trust, confidence and support for our employees. 

HL’s Marketplace Chaplain strives to become an extension of the caring culture of the Company for its employees and their family members.

Developing our employees

There is a skills gap in the manufacturing industry. HL has taken it upon itself to combat this issue head-on by training our employees from within. 

HL has partnered with renowned Tooling-U SME to build an online curriculum for the employees to complete– either on the job or at home. In addition, employees will then apply such knowledge gained through online curriculum to an on-the-job training program. 

HL needs to continue its mission to invest in the best people; therefore, it must first invest in its current staff through training and cross-training opportunities.  

Benefits and compensation

Competitive salary

HL offers employees and applicants competitive salaries based on experience and skill-levels.


HL has a comprehensive benefits package encompassing medical/dental coverage, life insurance, short-term disability.

401(k) Plan

HL has a Safe Harbor plan for its employees and invests 3% of an employee's salary, no matter his/her contributions.

Work Environment

HL has an open, clean environment with high ceilings and space to work comfortably.

Air Quality

HL has exceptional air quality for a healthy work environment. Air conditioning and heating are throughout the entire building.

Break room

HL has a large and comfortable break room with a flat-screen TV, vending machine, fridge and microwaves for its employees.


HL has experienced mentors and leaders leading training initiatives throughout the company.

high mix, low volume

HL's investing in multiple industries allows for diverse and exciting projects. HL employees rarely have repeat work.

Lean Mfg

Through Lean Manufacturing, employees' voices are heard and they can also earn cash rewards if selected as a winner.

required Qualifications

High school diploma
or Equivalent

Mechanical aptitude

blue print reading

willingness to learn

attention to detail

team oriented

desired Qualifications

college-level courses in machining
(i.e. industrial tech)

experience with precise
machining tasks

cnc machining experience
(vertical, horizontal, and/or turn)

experience editing programs

precision sheet metal experience

knowledge of tooling

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