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Diversification makes us stronger.

Areospace, Defense & Naval

Our work is part of a bigger mission. Military OEM’s and suppliers know they can count on HL to provide parts, components, weldments and assemblies that meet their rigid requirements because their demands match that of the majority of our customers.

HL’s attention to detail, newest technologies and commitment to creating value for our customers allows us to provide the close tolerance, defect-free products this industry demands. 

HL’s support includes flight simulator structures, civil egress simulation, maritime simulation equipment and much more. 

Medical & Scientific Instruments

As the medical and science industries continually evolve, HL seized the opportunity to be a key player in our customers’ product advancements. From precision, optical surgery equipment, to blood pathogen assessment products, HL is capable of the tightest tolerance and most stringent requirements. 

HL’s ability to work alongside its customers— suggesting opportunities for improvement and reduction in cost— has allowed HL to grow in its presence in this industry. 

HL is proud to be a trusted manufacturer for these industries. 

Bottling & Capping

When every second of downtime effects your bottom line, reliability and efficiency from your suppliers is essential. Equipment is a large investment and your line’s ability to perform consistently is the key to your success.

HL is highly competent in providing quick turnaround replacement parts. This includes reverse engineering for maintenance on worn parts. The parts HL manufactures for the bottling and capping industry often require heat treating and plating for longer life, all of which HL offers its customers.

Electronic Retail

HL’s expertise in the electronic and automated retail industries stems from its ability to be flexible with small prototype orders, to large production runs. 

HL’s customer solutions, engineering department and production department all focus on opportunities to reduce manufacturing time and cost for its customers. Most of HL’s customers require a diverse group of machined, fabricated, welded and assembled parts, while on a tight timeline and budget. 

HL’s vast capabilities— all under one roof— lend the company to be a competitive supplier for this industry and leaves its customers most satisfied. 

Agriculture & Energy

HL has manufactured critical components for the energy industry, including solar, nuclear, oil, gas and more. That said, an issue with a small part can become a huge problem quickly in this industry. Therefore, HL makes its a habit to always be on alert.

The care HL takes in responding to customers’ demands means the capabilities it takes to ensure a continuous supply of products are built into the way the Company does things. This results in fast manufacturing, flexible batch sizes and lower overall cost for exceptional, reliable quality. 

This is the way HL does all its processes. 

Heavy Transmission & Suspension Systems

Heavy transmissions and suspension systems count on tight tolerances and precision parts to keep all of their elements running consistent and effective.

HL’s expertise and partnership with these industries allows it to manufacture close-tolerance components to exact specifications, such as bushings, flanges, shafts, suspension parts and more.

HL’s robust inventory management system allows it to provide competitive pricing, while fulfilling orders through partial shipments to meet its customers’ delivery timelines. 


"Our company is consistently pleased to continue our relationship with HL Precision Manufacturing. We have the utmost confidence in your ability to deliver a quality product on schedule. Your willingness to work with us to provide competitive prices is key to our ability to be also competitive in a very aggressive business environment. We have worked with HL Precision for over 7 years and we are always impressed with HL's customer service representatives and high quality of product. We look forward to a very bright future with HL and our company."
Military/defense industry
"We have worked with HL for many years on a wide variety of projects. Our company thanks HL for being an excellent supplier of the highest quality of products, but more than that, HL has people with good hearts. HL Precision Manufacturing has built a terrific company with great, dedicated employees. My company and I look forward to continuing our relationship with HL for our manufacturing needs."
Automated retail industry
"HL Precision Manufacturing has been my primary machined parts vendor for 14 years. The quality and delivery time, along with pricing are outstanding. I buy in smaller quanities and continually recieve prompt, high-quality products. I have been treated very well by all the people I have dealt with at HL. The employees and ethical business practices that HL provides their customers with is a great combination of professional and easy going."
Industrial instrument industry
Engineer Technician
"I just met with Steve Hillard, the CEO of HL Precision. They are a sheet metal and machining company recommended to us by our corporate procurement team. I have to tell you that I have never been more pleased with a fab house both on their turnaround time on quotes and the quality of their work. They can do larger work and all the way down to swiss-type machining. One more thing... big surprise... they deliver on time. I think you will find meeting HL beneficial."
MIlitary technologies industry
Purchasing Manager

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